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Wheres the bes place to learn English in the UK

British English, American English

The English languag has been taken by our ancestors to all ends of the world, and today there are many countries in different continents where it is the primary language, or at least one of the official languages - just as in the case of Canada. Since English speaking nations are scattered across the world, they have developed their own dialects and accents over the centuries, and now, even if we can all understand each other, we can also distincly tell which accent comes from which country. The two most famous versions of English that people know about and learn nowadays is the original British English, and the well known American English that has expanded through the world mostly thanks to the USA's very active international presence, through cultural products, education, war and business among others.

So when foreign people want to learn English, they often choose between British and American English. Even though American English is commonplace, many prefer to go to the cradle of the language and acquire proficiency in British English. When they do, they will often learn standard British English found in most courses, and yet there are surprises awaiting for them when they truly come in contact with British people. With over 50 different accents across the Isles, actual British English offers many possibilities for students, as well as challenges to overcome.

The best way to become familiar with the real use of English in all its accents and dialects, and to sound like a native, is to travel to Britain, settle for a while in here, and interact with real British people. Immersion courses and experiences like this will not only allow students to practice their language skills in contact with real Britons, but also learn about our culture and lifestyle and appreciate better than ever all we have to offer as nations.

Where to study English in the UK?

If you think about places in the United Kingdom, probably big names will come to mind. London seems like a good first option, since it is England's capital city, not only should it have many good English schools to choose from but also plenty of options for activities and, of course, those world famous landmarks everyone's seen in pictures. Perhaps words like Cambridge and Oxford will also pop in your head, as synonimous of high level education and international prestige. However, you should also consider other options, especially if you don't need a special institution backing up your language proficiency. The UK has different countries with their own unique appeal, and there are high chances that you will enjoy your time here if you pick the area that best fits your interests.

So should you pick Cambridge for your offshore English course, or give Scotland a shot? Should you learn English in Oxford or Ireland? Don't be afraid to walk off the beaten track for a bit, you might discover great opportunities for fun and amazing experiences if you do so.

Learning English in Ireland

Ireland has become worldwide famous as one of the most festive and, at the same time, magical places in the world. It is cloaked by legends and mystery, and also sprinkled with merry celebrations, dance, colourful art and very nice people. There are schools in Ireland like Totally English ( that offer full immersion experiences, so you can learn English in a classroom and also spend days outdoors, getting to know the people and engaging in one fun activity after the other.

So where in Ireland should you go? Should you learn English In Galway or Dublin? Or perhaps any other city?

Here, it really depends on which place you would like the most. What's your style, what are your preferences. Dublin is a big modern city with all the comfort and convenience of a metropolis, so if that's what you want then you should head right to the capital. Galway is great for art lovers, you will find art pieces and performers everywhere, from venues and museums to the cities themselves. If you like the more traditional approach, with old architecture and quite a mystic feel, without resigning the convenience of a big town, Belfast is an excellent choice for you.

You should do a little research and find language schools in places you would prefer. That way, you make sure you will have a great experience getting to know the British culture from the inside and sharing Britons' world for a while. You will fall in love with all our Isles have to offer, so make your choice and start living it!

The English language will open doors.

Josefa Cicciani

“"Learning English in the United Kingdom is the best experience I've ever had! I've always loved the English culture and being there, listening to English all day and learning first hand about their culture was a dream come true. I learn all I needed at St. Peter's and I could be a part of that world!" more >>

Germn Ochoa

“"European models of educarion are clearly ahead other schools and academies. I was able to see that when I signed for an English course at St Peter's. Native teachers, small groups, great class dynamics. I can't complain."... read more >>

Oka Noriko

“"European models of educarion are clearly ahead other schools and academies. I was able to see that when I signed for an English course at St Peter's. Native teachers, small groups, great class dynamics. I can't complain."... read more >>